HIV Testing Policy

HIV testing in Australia is currently guided by the National HIV Testing Policy. The 8 key principles that guide HIV testing in Australia are that:

  • testing is demonstrably of the highest possible standard and timely
  • testing should be voluntary and performed with informed consent
  • test results will remain confidential, i.e., only the person being tested and the person providing the results will be entitled to information necessary to identify the individual result (exceptions to this principle are identified in the Policy)
  • testing must be accessible to all those at risk of HIV infection
  • testing is critical to the interruption of transmission on a population level
  • testing is of benefit to the person being tested and the critical trigger to initiating interventions including treatment
  • testing is critical to understanding the epidemiology of HIV infection in the community
  • anonymous testing should be available to individuals, subject to the need to obtain sufficient demographic information from those being tested to allow accurate aggregate information to contribute to surveillance.