Media Tool Kit

HIV is a story of critical importance.

All audiences deserve full, accurate and intelligent coverage of HIV and HIV-related issues.

Best practice reporting should challenge myths and misinformation about HIV.

The HIV Media Guide provides journalists with tools to ensure that media reporting on HIV is accurate and sensitive.

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HIV cure: not a silver bullet

Over the last few years there have been some significant developments in scientific research pointing to the potential for an HIV cure; however, it is likely that a cure for HIV will not be realised for some time. Regardless of how successful cure research is, a focus on HIV prevention will remain pivotal.

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Don't call me 'victim'

Avoid language that is derogatory or that perpetuates myths or stereotypes about HIV, people who live with HIV, or about communities most affected by HIV. Do not inappropriately apply labels to people such as 'innocent victims' of HIV; this implies that others are guilty and deserve infection.

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Australia's HIV response

In Australia, effective prevention efforts have had a dramatic impact on both the number of HIV infections and the profile of the epidemic in Australia. This success has resulted in a lower prevalence of HIV in Australia among key population groups compared with the rest of the world.

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