Media Tool Kit

This section of the HIV Media Guide aims to provide journalists with tools to ensure that media reports on HIV in Australia are accurate and sensitive.

This section includes tips for best practice, particularly in relation to language use and medical information; suggestions for handling comon news storiesprinciples for reporting on HIV; and links to useful resources

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HIV is a story of critical importance

All audiences deserve full, accurate and intelligent coverage of HIV and related issues. Effective reporting requires a solid understanding of HIV and its social and medical implications. Best practice reporting should challenge myths and misinformation about HIV.

It is important that HIV is reported in an informed, balanced way, without sensationalising the issues.  Inaccurate and sensational reporting fuels the stigma experienced by people living with HIV and by people among affected communities such as gay men, sex workers and people who use drugs. This serves to undermine HIV prevention efforts.

Journalists can assist in addressing HIV-related stigma and discrimination by reporting stories involving HIV with objectivity, care and attention to factual accuracy.